About Us

Capturing the fragrance of an English country garden for over one hundred years...

Fikkerts Limited has come a long way since it was first established over a hundred years ago by Mr Everard Carter. (pictured here with his wife Janet and only daughter Marjorie)

Everard Carter, his wife Janet and daughter Marjorie

Originally  known as the Chemist & Allied Trading Company, the current Managing Director's great, great uncle was responsible for some fascinating product lines such as Cherry's Slumber Tea, Neoklenze Herbal Laxative, cough mixtures and liniments.


Everard's nephew, Norman Carter joined the company as a young man but soon became so passionate about the business it was inevitable that he take over the reigns when Everard finally retired.

Norman built the business from strength to strength with the support of his beloved wife Ida.(pictured below)


Norman and Ida had two children, Joan and Margaret.  Joan who was the eldest, (pictured above) also worked alongside her father when she left college.

By this time herbal and natural remedies were becoming less and less popular due to the advent of more scientific type medicines.  Therefore, the company diversified more and more into the bath, body and beauty products that we associate Fikkerts with today.

Both Margaret and Joan were married.  Joan to a Dutchman, Dirk Fikkert and Margaret to a young businessman Barry Taylor.  Both son-in-laws (pictured below) also worked in the business until Barry decided to very successfully branch out into the health food industry.

Dirk Fikkert remained in the family business and it was subsequently renamed Fikkerts Limited.

And yes, Joan and Dirk Fikkert's two children Richard and Karen were also eventually seduced by the family business. After fleeing the nest to pursue college life and other careers they finally decided to come home to Yorkshire and become the fourth generation of the family to fly the flag for Fikkerts.

Karen retired in 2008 and shortly afterwards, Richard's wife Julia joined to work alongside him.

Richard and Julia's two daughters already perfecting their blending skills for the next generation of Fikkerts customers, the future looks very bright for this proud Yorkshire family business.